Friday, July 22, 2011

Il mio orto domestico (My kitchen garden)

il girasole
 Gardening is one of my favorite pastimes; growing fruit, vegetables and flowers and herbs to eat is so satisfying to me. This is my prize girasole. It grew over 10 feet tall and the flower head was almost 36 inches.

our organic garden
Gardening is really universal, but it is so Italian! I hardly know any Italians that don't have an "orto" out in back or right in front of their house instead of silly grass.
 L'orto domestico is the word for  "kitchen garden". L'ortaggio is used to describe the vegetable. With Spring (la primavera) fleeting by and Summer (l'estate) grasping for air (l'aria) and sun (il sole), this month's vocabulary building will focus on the garden (l'orto). Here are some pictures of il mio orto!
i broccoli
i fagiolini


i pomodori bio


la lattuga


il seme

il terriccio
il sole

piantare semi

Aromatic herbs are divine for cooking! Here are some of my favorites
il rosmarino

il mazzolino d'erbe

il prezzemolo


il basilico

la bonta
These are my favorite medicinal herbs for making le tisane (herb teas).

la camomila ungarese
la lavanda francese

I love summer and I especially love my garden. Fate una buona estate!

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