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Planning a wedding? Custom travel itineraries including, but not limited to weddings, yoga retreats, language classes, painting, skiing, cooking, etc

Most people I meet or tutor in "travel Italian" ....that's learning about words and Italian culture in a small amount of time before one travels to Italy...go to Tuscany and call it a day. Very few people venture off the beaten path to Umbria! Gorgeous, stunning and less presumptuous than Tuscany. If I can't physically travel, I like to computer travel to different places and I look here: Agriturismo in Umbria  Agriturismo is booking your vacation....or holiday in British English....on a family-run farm and using the spacious and rustic digs of a potentially 300 year old restored farm as your touristic base and getting to enjoy the farm fresh food!

Maybe your holiday will include olive harvesting and olive oil making
photo Ed Anderson from Carol Field

or baking bread....the choice is yours....but you gotta find your dream itinerary and I found Discovering Umbria which helps you book food itineraries! Imagine the possibilities....che buono.  Buon appetito & buon viaggio!
Post scriptum: 
Speaking of Umbria...saw this hilarious film a few weeks ago at our CineClub Italiano in San Francisco...Una famiglia perfetta (in Italian language no capitals in the title!) which was filmed in Todi, Umbria.
See this hilarious trailer if you understand Italian...
Una famiglia perfetta

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