Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fall, Cinema and Food

L'autunno è arrivato.

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Fall has arrived and with the equinox- l'equinozio- the days get shorter, the nights cooler and the food is warmer and heartier. I just furnished my bed with my charcoal gray flannel comforter, che calduccio!
Elisa Di Virgilio's blog LA CASA E IL GIARDINO has some great, simple good food recipes, easy enough for anyone to make. Green is my new favorite color and I especially covet this green dutch oven from Lodge. Buy your smoked ham hocks direct and fresh from your local butcher and keep the split peas stocked in your pantry shelves for the winter. These beautiful, non GMO split peas come in handy 3 lb. and 5 lb. bags and in a hardy 25 lb. version. You'll have several servings around for the winter. Dopo aver fatto la spesa, ora a cucinare!  I decided to use Elisa's recipe for #splitpeasoup.
Find more hearty Fall recipes on her blog. E vai!

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