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~ Scoprite la gioia della cultura italiana.~  -Ingrid Sperow
Discover the joys of Italian culture.

Bellissimo disegno accompagnato da una storia della mia figlia Lulu: La Fanciula Rossa

The story goes like this:  "It's a mean thought"; the little girl used the promise of her mother's loyalty and devotion, "I will always believe what you say", as a means to manipulate the situation. The girl almost exclaims her thought out loud, "yes!" and the mother asks, "what did you say?" "Nothing mamma, thank you for believing me".

Let's talk art, not serious Greco-Roman sculpture art, but contemporary artist art! I don't know how I found this artist, but I love his posters and prints! Antoine Corbineau, if you love Alfa Romeo automobiles, then you will love this awesome print.
I posted this great gastronomic print of Italy by Antoine Corbineau--order online, he ships internationally!

Balance 1985 Ingrid

Here are some links to discover the joys of  Italian culture through a few internet links:

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