Wednesday, September 20, 2017


LA CASA E IL GIARDINO: SPLIT PEA SOUP: "Split pea is one of our favorite soups.  Who can resist the smoky flavor of the ham bone?   The flavor of salty pancetta adds a wonderful punch!"

photo from La Casa e il Giardino

Today, in Northern California's Bay Area, is the first day that we can actually wear long pants because there is (finally) a chill in the air. I have a cold now that I've taken care of everyone else so what a better way to fight off cold and chill than to make split pea soup!
Che meraviglia! What splendor for my family when they come home from school and work.

My version of this split pea soup usually comes out like a porridge, served with bread and sometimes I slice organic, grass-fed hot dogs into the soup for my kids.

photo from yummyyummy kitchen

~a presto amici e buona cucinare

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Buon Ferragosto!

Summer vacation is just reaching its crescendo in California. 
In Italy people eagerly save, plan and await the August 15, Ferragosto holiday.  If anyone has been in Rome from August 15 onward, you would know that the streets are empty because of the mass exodus from the città eterna.  Here are some vocab words (and a hilarious video) significant to this time of the year in Italy. Ferragosto

Ferragosto,    15 agosto,    giorno festivo,    chiuso per le ferie,    l'esodo di ferragosto

There's a big beach culture in Italy and why not? Il tempo libero should be big on everyone's calendar at least once or twice a year.

la spiaggia,  la sabbia,  le sedia a sdraio,  il mare,   l'onda,  l'ombrellone,  il costume da bagno,  la cabina,  l'albergo,  prendere il sole,  il lungo mare

giocchi al mare:   il secchiello,  il pallone,  la paletta

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fare il limoncello -> Making limoncello

If anyone has ever been to #Naples- bella #Napoli -and the surrounding areas of Campania  such as #AmalfiCoast , #Positano , #Sorrento , #Ischia , #Capri , #VietrisulMare (love this place for it's amazing people and ceramica) there will always be a cold limoncello at aperitivo time in Southern Italy or after dinner on a hot summer night.
vintage artisanal limoncello bottle

homemade limoncello

The limoncello may come from your host- chi l'ha fatto- in a beautifully decorated servizio made by local ceramic artisans or...magari...

handed down from your cara Zia Maria Giuseppa.

servizio di limoncello

I make limoncello by heart, so per voi, I include a very good ricetta  - recipe-  for those of you interested in giving it a try.

Here's me Making limoncello

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