Monday, February 11, 2013

Amore! Love is in the air...

...although winter will last for another 40+ days, the sun is shining here in California (currently a Spring-like 61 F in the afternoons) and it makes everyone in the mood for love...just in time for Valentine's Day!

fu morto il 14 febbraio 273
vescovo e martire cristiano

The Italians (and most Europeans for that matter) have come to celebrate [St.] Valentine's Day like we do here in America. This LOVE-ly holiday is a great excuse for love-centric Italian vocabulary words and images!

Let's start with San Valentino. He is the patron saint of lovers (patrono degli innamorati) and he was martyred in Rome (Roma) Feb 14, 273 :

So that's how it all started...dying for love!
Now let's get to the good part.

In Italy, the term I LOVE YOU is commonly asserted as:
I WANT THE BEST FOR YOU:  ti voglio bene

but also,
I LOVE YOU:  ti amo

Ti voglio bene assai  (I love you so much)
Amore mio  (my love)
Tesoro  ([my] treasure)
innamorarsi  (reflexive verb: to fall in love)
fidanzarsi  (reflexive verb: to get engaged)sposarsi  (reflexive verb: to marry)
la fede (wedding band/ring)

"ti voglio bene assai" by Lucio dalla Caruso

Caro(a) darling and/or dear
ti do il mio cuore (I give you my heart)
sei un angelo (you're an angel)
un mazzo di fiori ( a bouquet of flowers)

dammi un bacio (give me a kiss)

abbracciami (hug me)

sempre insieme (together forever)
prendi la mia mano caro (take my hand darling)

resti con me (stay with me)

cioccolatino(i)  chocolate(s)
biscotti per San Valentino
dolcetti  (sweets)

cioccolatino(i)  chocolate(s)

i biscotti a forma di cuore



apprezza l'amore

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