Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fare il limoncello -> Making limoncello

If anyone has ever been to #Naples- bella #Napoli -and the surrounding areas of Campania  such as #AmalfiCoast , #Positano , #Sorrento , #Ischia , #Capri , #VietrisulMare (love this place for it's amazing people and ceramica) there will always be a cold limoncello at aperitivo time in Southern Italy or after dinner on a hot summer night.
vintage artisanal limoncello bottle

homemade limoncello

The limoncello may come from your host- chi l'ha fatto- in a beautifully decorated servizio made by local ceramic artisans or...magari...

handed down from your cara Zia Maria Giuseppa.

servizio di limoncello

I make limoncello by heart, so per voi, I include a very good ricetta  - recipe-  for those of you interested in giving it a try.

Here's me Making limoncello

E` facile da fare -it's easy to make- Do not use vodka, use Ever Clear 
or a similar 150 proof (US) grain alcohol- it makes all the difference, mi raccomando.

When you finish your limoncello fatto in casa -homemade- your guests will impazzirsi over how fantastic this tastes after dinner on a hot summer night! Pssst....store it in the freezer.

My friends from Naples sent me this beautiful collection last year Grazie assai Angelo & Nicoletta.

Vietri sul Mare limoncello cup in ceramic

And here's una ricetta in italiano!

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