Sunday, November 6, 2016

No-Knead Ciabatta - facile da fare!

Food Wishes Video Recipes: No-Knead Ciabatta - Bread You Can Believe In: Okay, enough with the inaugural tie-ins. Here's the promised ciabatta video recipe. It came out beyond delicious.

Buon I am making this fantastic ciabatta bread posted by Chef John at Food Wishes--get well soon John! Watch the video and go to his site for the recipe, it is so easy! Ciabatta in Italian means "slipper"--yes, the loaf, it's shaped like a slipper. (photo courtesy of the Chef John at Food Wishes blog)

This recipe is soooooo simple and easy to make, just plan a day ahead.  I started at 10:30 pm last night and we'll be having this beautiful bread for lunch today.
I used 4 cups of all purpose King Arthur Flour, the recipe offers a variation.  
I was going pazza because I didn't have cornmeal in the house...hmmmm, that's right, I did make polenta (recipe) last week. 
I just want to mention here that I offer you links to my favorite ingredients ESPECIALLY if you can get them on Amazon Prime. I live a few miles from my local stores, so if I can save time and order online, I am so there! Now I have more time to write and cook. I look for recipes that are very similar to the ways that I prepare my food (since my methods are in my head) based on what I had learned while living in Italy many moons ago.
I encourage you to give this ciabatta bread recipe a try today!

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