Monday, November 28, 2016

Deruta, Prosciutto e Thanksgiving

November,  novembre  in #Italian. Did you notice that in Italian you don't capitalize the months, the days of the week or the seasons? We write Fall and in Italian it's autunno- with a small "a". 

Fall makes me think of Thanksgiving and food....I was inspired by this proverbo: 

Un maiale profondamente innamorato e` un prosciutto cotto.
"A pig profoundly in love is a cooked ham!" 

And through inspiration I came across this great blog recipe, a butternut squash torta salata,
this fantastic butternut squash tarte (French for torta) is like something I've never seen before. Posted by Ciao Chow Linda.

I'm going to make one of these for #Thanksgiving. It's important to have good tools for baking and I seriously prefer the tarte pans with the removable bottom then you can easily place your capolavoro onto a beautiful serving dish like this gorgeous #Deruta serving plate.


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